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Larry Agran has served on the Irvine City Council for more than 20 years, including 10 years as Mayor.  The policies Larry drafted and secured approval for literally changed Irvine forever.

Under Larry’s leadership, the City:

  • Strengthened Irvine’s Master Plan by instituting growth control policies
  • Preserved more than 10,000 acres of Open Space which will remain forever free of development
  • Drafted and passed Orange County’s first Human Rights Ordinance
  • Became the first city in the nation to ban CFCs and other ozone-depleting chemicals
  • Built our beautiful Community Parks system
  • Established Irvine’s Curbside Recycling Program
  • Defeated the County’s proposed El Toro International Airport. Our victory not only protected Irvine’s quality of life but also our property values.
  • Established thousands of attractive affordable housing units
  • Brought diversity & the nation’s highest standards to our Police Department
  • Balanced every City budget (without raising taxes)
  • Established Irvine’s “Rainy Day” Contingency Fund with tens of millions of dollars in reserves

Raised in Southern California, Larry attended Harvard Law School, where he specialized in public interest law. He and his wife Phyllis and their young son, Ken, moved to Irvine in 1973 so that Phyllis could attend UCI Medical School.

Larry has served on the Irvine City Council for more than 20 years, including 10 years as Mayor of Irvine.

While on the Council, Larry pioneered policies to strengthen the Irvine Master Plan by instituting growth control policies, establishing affordable housing, drafting & implementing the County’s first Human Rights Ordinance, successfully stopping an airport, and winning public approval of a sweeping Open Space Preservation plan — setting aside more than 10,000 acres of wilderness in a natural open space preserve that surrounds the City and will remain forever free of development.

Larry and Phyllis continue to live in the same modest University Park home they purchased in 1976. Their son, Ken, and daughter-in-law Kerrie reside in West Irvine with their two children, Morgan and Benjamin.

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While Larry is a proven environmental leader, he also believes strongly in protecting Irvine taxpayers and electricity ratepayers. That’s why Larry is the only candidate running for Mayor who has spoken out against the forced enrollment of all Irvine businesses and households in the disastrous Orange County Power Authority (OCPA).

As Larry has stated: “To force every Irvine resident and business into a new, more expensive electricity plan without a vote of the people is flat-out wrong!”

Larry has been raising red flags about OCPA since rejoining the Council in late 2020. Since that time, a scathing Orange County Grand Jury report has been released along with a County and State audit. All three investigations revealed gross mismanagement, deception, and financial instability at OCPA.

As Irvine’s Mayor, Larry will get our City back on track. He will implement policies that ensure we meet the City’s ambitious goal of carbon-neutrality by 2030 — without gouging Irvine residents and business owners.

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As Irvine’s Mayor in 1988, Larry worked alongside our City’s residents to pass an historic ballot initiative that preserved more than 10,000 acres of Open Space for families to enjoy,  forever free from development.

Since re-joining the City Council in late 2020, Larry has once again joined forces with Irvine residents. Through their work, the City is on-track to shut down a dangerous asphalt plant in north Irvine and restore the land to its natural form.

The “Gateway Preserve” will provide new recreational and environmental opportunities to connect Irvine residents to tens of thousands of acres of open space.

As Irvine’s Mayor, Larry will make sure that our City continues to be a beacon of environmental stewardship through thoughtful planning and citizen involvement.

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Through sheer determination and proven leadership, construction of the big, beautiful voter-endorsed park honoring our veterans at the edge of the Great Park in north Irvine is finally underway!

As a citizen, Larry drafted the ballot initiative — which was signed by nearly 20,000 Irvine residents and adopted by a previous City Council — that legally designates the 125-acre “ARDA” site on the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station as our City’s Veterans Memorial Park.

This long-promised Veterans Memorial Park will include trees, trails, and memorial gardens … with installations and exhibits that honor the history of service and sacrifice of our veterans and their families.

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