Larry’s Priorities

Protect Our Residents

As we emerge from the fourth surge of Covid-19 — the Omicron wave — it’s clear that Irvine desperately needs to do what 2,800 other American cities have done: We need to create our own Public Health Department.

Think how much better off we would have been if we had been prepared for the pandemic with our own City of Irvine Public Health Department to augment State and County services.

We could have helped our Irvine businesses to stay open by providing training on proper sanitation methods. We could have been distributing free COVID-19 antigen tests and providing high-quality N-95 or KN-95 protective masks, free of charge. And, right now, we could be vaccinating many thousands of still-unvaccinated Irvine residents and workers.

Our Public Health Department could also be helping school officials hire more school nurses so that Irvine could meet the nationally recognized standard of one school nurse per school. (We currently have only about half that number.)

Shut Down the Asphalt Plant

We must pay special attention to improving air quality in Irvine — beginning with north Irvine where we must use our City’s ample legal authority to shut down the All American Asphalt plant and relocate it to a safer, more remote location.

The asphalt plant spews noxious and toxic chemicals in the air every day, including two known human carcinogens (formaldehyde and benzene).

The asphalt plant’s continued operation in Irvine is simply incompatible with good air quality and our Irvine quality of life.

Honor Our Voters & Veterans

We must actually start building — yes, clear the land and start constructing — the big, beautiful voter-approved park honoring our veterans at the edge of the Great Park in north Irvine.

This long-promised Memorial Park will include trees, trails, and memorial gardens…with installations and exhibits that honor the history of service and sacrifice of our veterans and their families.

It will also include botanical gardens and a 35-acre memorial forest with thousands of trees that will cool and clean the air in north Irvine. This, in turn, will help us with yet one more big thing: Together, we can and we must organize our resources and adopt a bold Climate Action Plan that will put Irvine in the forefront of fighting climate change and the threat it poses to people everywhere.

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