Larry’s Priorities

Protect Our Residents

The most immediate challenge our City faces is the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am committed providing the experienced leadership and strategic drive essential to getting the COVID-19 pandemic under control in Irvine. 

I will do whatever it takes to get City Hall moving with the implementation of a truly comprehensive, City-organized testing and contact-tracing program.  And I will make sure that our City is organized to battle this pandemic and mitigate the damage it has inflicted on families, on seniors, on school children, on our local business owners…on all people who live or work in our City.

I’ve prepared a plan — written in the form of an official Irvine City Council Resolution — to address the health and economic impacts of COVID-19 in Irvine.  To read my resolution, click here.

Stop Rampant Development

“Slow Down. Think. Plan Ahead.”  These are the lessons and the sound strategies that our parents and teachers taught us when we were children. These are the same strategies that we need to deploy if we are to return to the Irvine Master Plan that made our City so desirable.

Over the last decade, the City Council majority has taken millions of dollars in campaign support from giant land developers, funneled through “dark money” political committees.  And what have those contributions bought?  A City Council that rubber-stamps developer proposals to build thousands upon thousands of new houses and apartments.

Growth and development have been completely out of control, and the effects are evident throughout our City: horrendous traffic, failing intersections, overcrowded classrooms, and overburdened infrastructure throughout our City.

 I will lead the fight for the City Council to restore our Irvine Master Plan and reassert control over growth and development in Irvine.

Honor Our Voters & Veterans

Since 2014, Irvine voters have repeatedly expressed their strong support for a beautiful State-funded and State-operated Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery at the Great Park.

In defiance of the will of the people — at the behest of land developers — former Mayor Christina Shea and Councilman Mike Carroll pushed through a City zoning ordinance to permit massive office, commercial and industrial development at the ARDA site in our Great Park.  (Shea and Carroll have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign support from developers.)

In response to this flagrant giveaway of City-owned public parkland, Irvine citizens turned to the initiative process — one of the tools of direct democracy available to us in California.  I took responsibility to draft an Irvine citizens’ initiative, and became the official proponent of the Build the Great Park Veterans Cemetery Initiative.

Thanks to hundreds of volunteer signature-gathers and the 19,790 Irvine residents who signed our Initiative, we restored the City-owned site to its original designation as the site for the Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery.

I will fight to make sure that the policies coming out of City Hall are focused on improving the lives of Irvine residents, not increasing a developer’s bottom-line.

I’ve prepared a plan — written in the form of an official Irvine City Council Resolution — to address how we immediately move forward with our long-promised Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery on the ARDA site at the Great Park.  To read my plan, click here.

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